Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quick Trip to CVS... The magic coupon machine printed me something good!

I made a quick stop at CVS to pick up some Ban deodorant. While I was there I scanned my card to get some coupons, and I was praying they weren't the same useless ones I have been getting over and over. AND ALAS!!!! I got a 1.00/1 Secret deodorant. While grabbing my Ban, I noticed the secret travel sizes were 2/2.00!! WHOO HOO FREE DEODORANT!
My transaction went like this

1 Ban deodorant 2.99 less 1 1.00/1 from 04/18 SS=1.99

1 Secret travel size 1.00 less 1.00/1 CVS crt= free!!

I paid 2.35 for both and recieved 2 ECBS that i will roll to next week since I don't really like too many of the deals this week.

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