Friday, May 28, 2010

Kohler Academy

I would like to introduce everyone to a new world of getting your hair done. Located in Scottsdale, AZ,Kohler Academy, my alma mater, is a great way to save money and still look great. Students do great work while being supervised by their highly experienced educators. Kohler Academy is the only school in the world besides Bumble and Bumble University that is allowed to use Bumble and Bumble products in their student clinic. KOhler is also a non-tipping facility. The students of Kohler Academy are truly special and talented. Each month, I am going to feature their monthly specials as a blog post. I encourage you to get out there and let these creative students get to work on you!

I also encourage you to visit


Happy Friday! Start swaggin it!


How is everyone being fabulously frugal this weekend? What fun plans do you have? Whatever you do have a safe and blessed holiday weekend!

Discounted D-Backs Tickets!!!!!

Head over to to score yourself some discounted tickets! We went to a game a few weeks ago, we paid 15$ each for our seats and they were really great! Chase Field also has select "Value Items" at stands all over the stadium! It's an expensive way to have a fun family day/night at the ballpark!

And much much more! They have souveneir bats for $5, t-shirts for 10 dollars, hot dogs for $1.50 and more! Also, while your their, remember to stop by the Fry's kiosk and scan your d-backs reward card for some extra points!


I went to Fry's today to get some last minute supplies for our Memorial Day camping fiesta at Lake Pleasant. I found Cutter insect repellant @ 5.99. When going to check out I used my BOGO Cutter coupon from that was available a few months back. The cashier got real snippy with me and told me it was a fraudulent q! Now, I know a thing or two about coupons and I'm pretty positive that Smart Source does not put fraudulent coupons on their site. At least he gave it back to me. Has anyone else had this problem with their BOGO Cutter q's?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

05/27 CVS and Safeway

I REALLY REALLY wish my phone email was working! arrgh!
Anyhow, don't have a photo because my phone email is broke :) Made a quick run to CVS and Safeway. Here's the breakdown.


2 Off Mosquito Repellant Starter Kits=17.98
Less Starter Kit BOGO-8.99
Less 3.00/1 CVS q from

Less 5 EB=.99 oop


Buy Honest Tea between 05/08-05/30

Buy 1 recieve .75 catalina

Buy 2 recieve 1.50 catalina

Buy 4 recieve 3.00 catalina

I purchased 4 Honest Teas and used 2 .50/1 mq's and one 1.00/2 from

Total was 2 and some change recieved 3.00 catalina

Transaction 2

1 lb red white and blue potato salad (if you haven't tried this it's delicious! It has bacon AND bleu cheese! YUM!)

1 12 ct. Whiskas multipack on clearance for 3.50 used 2/1 whiskas from 05/23 RP

Total 4.49 paid with 3 dollar catalina and 1.49 OOP

CVS 05/30 My favorite deals (matchups to come)

Ban invisible solid 2.6 oz 2.99 get 2EB LIMIT 1

CVS diapers or training pant jumbo packs 5.99 get 2 EB***** This is a great price for diapers!****LIMIT 1

Gillette Proglide power or manual razor 9.97 get 5EB LIMIT 1

Suave body wash, shampoo, conditioner or styler get 2 EB when you buy 3for6 LIMIT 2

Please come back Tuesday for a full list of matchups!

CVS 1/2 Paper Products CRT

If you have been getting the same annoying crt's from CVS like me, here's an idea of what you can do with the 1/2 paper products. In the travel sized section there are pocket tissues that are 2/.99. I was able to get 10 FREE pocket tissues with this crt. These come in handy for the car, work, travel etc :)

CVS This week- 5$ Challenge

This week I purchased:

2 Gillette Body washes @ 4 each. Used b1g1free from 04/18 RP


Paid with 2 ECB's

Recieved 8 ECB's


Transaction 2

2 Pantene @ 2/6.97 Used 1.50/1 from vocalpoint mailer and 1/1 from vocalpoint mailer

1 Thermacare heat wrap @5.99 Used 3/1
1 MandM's (filler)

Used 8 ECB's

TOTAL OOP= $1 for tax
Recieved 2 ECB's Pantene
Transaction 3
1 Thermacare heat wrap @5.99 used 3/1
Used 2 ECB's
Recieved 5 ECB's to roll next week!
Total Spent=3.99
Total Value of Purchases=26.95


Have you signed up for Bzzagent yet?It's an awesome consumer panel that lets you try new items for FREE. Within a week of signing up , a recieved an invitation to join my first campaign. Within a week I had a brand new scrubbing bubble extend a clean power sprayer and 2 refills. And I really like this product! It cleans really well! The only complaint I have is that I feel it might be wasteful sometimes with the automatic sprayer.

Have you tried BzzAgent? What fun campaigns have you got?

If you haven't join now!

Albertson's 05/26

I am NOT the biggest fan of Albie's, but will go when things ae free/dirt cheap. Yesterday I went to get some Van Camp's Pork and Beans and Arrowhead water. I went to the self checkout which i know is a big no-no when you have q's but nonetheless :) My Van Camp's q's worked fine. The arrowhead q's would not scan. After waiting 5 minutes, the attendant comes over. I tell her the problem she says and this is an exact quote "Your gonna make me put my glasses on aren't you?" ummm yes. So she tries to scan and they wouldn't and she says "This is the wrong size." and walks away. I bring a pack of water and my q to the station and point out to her that it is in fact the correct size. SHe pushes the q through but only .75 comes off. My sister goes to the station and asks if they are having dble. q's this week. The lady says "I don't know" and nothing else. Hmmm. So my sister says " welllllll can ya find out?" Lady says "Im checking!" Anyway, pushed it through for a buck but it took about 20 mins to go through the self checkout with 6 items.

Here is my transaction

Van Camp's Pork and Beans (4) = .50 each=2$ -1/4 mq ConAgra coupon book

Arrowhead water 6 pack .5l(2)=1$ each=$2- (2) .75/1 05/16 RP pushed through to $1

Subtotal $4
Total after q's $1.07 and a headache :)

Asley Furniture- AWESOME sales and clearance!

Over the weekend, we went furniture shopping. Our first and only stop was Ashley. We got a complete 15 piece living room for $998.00!! It comes with sofa, chair, ottoman, rug, 2 lamps, a chenille throw, a five piece accessory set and a coffee and end tables. I wanted to take pics but my phone wasn't charged. I'll definatley take pics when it arrives in August. This is a GREAT deal for redecorating on a budget. I also checked out the clearance section which had BEAUTIFUL sofas that were missing a small section of fabric on the bottom for 97 bucks!!! These would be perfect for a basement, dorm, first apartment etc.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fry's Best Deals 05/26

*All coupons a buck this week!*

Bar S Hot Dogs .58- Use 1/2 from 05/16 RedPlum=.08 each

Van Camp's Pork and Beans .88 (cheaper at Albie's)

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce .88-Use 1/2 05/23 SS=.38 each

Minute Maid Lemonade or Punch .88

Popsicles or Cool Classics .88Fresh Split Chicken Breast or Wholw Frying Chicken. 77 lb

Solo Plates, Cups and Bowls 2.00 Use .75/1 from Solo website to make these a buck
*****Catalina Alert!******
From 5/21 to 6/13
Buy any solo plates, cups, or bowls-excludes cutlery and seasonal items

Buy 2 get $1 OYNO
Buy 3 get $3 OYNO
Buy4 get $4 OYNO

I did this transaction today and got 2 packs of plates and two packages of cups for FREE after coupons and catalina!!

Will post more Fry's deals tomorrow. It's time to hit the hay ;)