Monday, November 8, 2010

My Purse Can Change It's Clothes

Have you ever heard of a Miche Bag? I hadn't either until a few months ago. Steven's mother graciously gave me one because she knew that my purse was absolutely FALLING APART.

Steven brings it home to me and I love it!(pictured above) It was just the size i needed (XXL) and I love the exterior. But upon closer inspection, this wasn't just any old run of the mill purse. It is a HYBRID purse. The MEGATRON of purses.

It can change it's clothes.

Yes. What is so special about  Miche bags is that you can purchase interchangable shells, and change the look of your purse at the drop of a hat. The shells are magnetic, which is what also keeps the bag closed, so no more fumbling with zippers! But my favorite feature is all the pockets! My large shell has 2, while the interior of the bag has 5! It makes it very hard for me to lose the kitchen sink in there!

It is so easy to give your bag an instant face lift, with hundreds of shells (some limited edition and collectible!) Not only that, but when you take the shell off, it looks almost as good as it does with it on, so you can update your bag to suit your mood.

And Miche bags super affordable. The small bags run around $17-20 while the big mammas that I like run around $40. Each of the shells is around the same as the bag.

I am planning on snagging a couple of Miche bags as gifts this holiday season. It simplifies gift giving for each holiday because I know I can just purchase a new shell and VOILA! The gift reciever has a brand new bag!

Head on over here to check out the huge selection of bags, shells and accessories that Miche bags have to offer!

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