Thursday, May 27, 2010

Albertson's 05/26

I am NOT the biggest fan of Albie's, but will go when things ae free/dirt cheap. Yesterday I went to get some Van Camp's Pork and Beans and Arrowhead water. I went to the self checkout which i know is a big no-no when you have q's but nonetheless :) My Van Camp's q's worked fine. The arrowhead q's would not scan. After waiting 5 minutes, the attendant comes over. I tell her the problem she says and this is an exact quote "Your gonna make me put my glasses on aren't you?" ummm yes. So she tries to scan and they wouldn't and she says "This is the wrong size." and walks away. I bring a pack of water and my q to the station and point out to her that it is in fact the correct size. SHe pushes the q through but only .75 comes off. My sister goes to the station and asks if they are having dble. q's this week. The lady says "I don't know" and nothing else. Hmmm. So my sister says " welllllll can ya find out?" Lady says "Im checking!" Anyway, pushed it through for a buck but it took about 20 mins to go through the self checkout with 6 items.

Here is my transaction

Van Camp's Pork and Beans (4) = .50 each=2$ -1/4 mq ConAgra coupon book

Arrowhead water 6 pack .5l(2)=1$ each=$2- (2) .75/1 05/16 RP pushed through to $1

Subtotal $4
Total after q's $1.07 and a headache :)

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