Friday, October 15, 2010

Click to Give: Give Back for Free,Donate for Free + Score FREE Merchandise!!!


There is a cool new charity I want to tell you about called Click to Give. I highly suggest checking it out. It costs nothing to you and helps a lot of great causes.

Not only that, but you can earn free merchandise as well!!!! Here's how it works:

1.You select which great cause you'd like to help from the menu.

2.Click on the 'Click to Give' button associated with each organization.

3.A click is then registered in our system of which every dollar made by the advertising shown on the 'Thank You' page, goes directly to that charity you were wanting to help.

Cool huh? You can click once on each catergory daily. Your options are animal care, feed the poor, stop child abuse, end homelessness, stop cancer and feed the children.

Some faq's:
How do I track how much I have helped personally clicking daily?In your Members Control Panel, click 'View My Impact' to see exactly how your clicks are helping.

Does clicking every day really help?YES YES YES, every click helps make a difference, so we really hope you find it in your heart to visit daily, click to give and help some of the most respected organizations in the world.After all, it's really as simple as a click!

Do I get rewarded for clicking daily?YES, a percentage of the funding generated from your clicks is now going towards phrasing merchandise from the chosen charities on Which not only continues to ensure that every dollar generated goes directly to the cause you are clicking BUT also helps us reward YOU for your efforts in clicking daily.

So what are you waiting for???? Start Clicking to Give today!!!!

***I will be putting a button on the top right of my blog for Click to Give, so feel free to click n it daily!

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