Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th: Fun Ideas and Things to do!!!

1) Stay at a spooky hotel!!! Have you ever been to the Jerome Grand? My family has stayed there many times and it is always a blast! The hotel sits high on Cleopatra Hill, overlooking the town of Jerome and the Verde Valley. Once a hospital, it can be VERY creepy at times! We have taken quite a few "orb" pictures there! While your there, if you want to splurge head to The Asylum on the hotels main floor. It has a HUGE wine list and lobster and filet mignon to die for!!! (no pun intended!)

2)Head to the Officer's Quarters at Fort Huachuca!Built in the 1850s, the first post hospital was named the Carleton House, after Colonel James Carleton. More than one hundred fifty years ago, a woman named Charlotte gave birth to a stillborn son; she died a few days later. Angry that her son did not receive a proper burial, Charlotte still haunts the building. Now used as a residence for officers and their families, many have reported strange happenings. Some families claim that their pets go berserk during the night, while others report a cold spot affectionately known as “Charlotte’s Corner.” Legend has it that this spot is located near the staircase that once led to the morgue. Some have even seen Charlotte, who is described as a tall, beautiful blonde who wears long flowing gowns.

3)  Have Dinner! Casey Moore's Oyster House in Tempe offers up a variety of delicious food at an affordable price!There apparently is a woman in the upstairs banquet room that didn't make a reservation!

4)Make it a stay at home frightfest! Rent some scary movies and cuddle up on the couch!

5) Since there's free admission at National Parks, why not head to Montezuma's Castle. Not only is it breathtaking to see such an ancient structure, but the Sinagua Indians are said to reappear from time to time.

6)Visit Congress, Stanton or Octave. I have been to all three and they are amazing! Real ghost towns in the middle of the desert! Make sure to pack the car with emergency essentials, as the roads get quite primitive.

7) Adopt a black cat or kitten at a shelter. Did you know these adorable babies are less likely to be adopted because of their color and the superstition that goes along with it? *"A 2002 study in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science that examined adoption rates over nine months in a California pound found that black cats were about half as likely to be adopted as tabby cats and two-thirds less likely than white cats. But for cats in general, the odds are not good: of the approximately 3,000 cats of all colors offered for adoption during that time, only around 600, or 20 percent, found homes. Those remaining were euthanized."

Did you know that due to lack of responsible pet ownership and not getting cats spayed or neutered Arizona shelters are filled to the brim with cats? Last summer they were even giving them away for free. The Humane Society of Arizona currently has a special running of only $5 dollars to adopt an adult cat. Every animal from the Humane Society is spayed or neutered; comes with an identification microchip, collar and tag; has received its initial round of vaccinations; and includes a free first visit to a veterinarian. Visit here to get started!

This is Max, He is currently available for adoption at the AZ Humane Society

*courtesy of the Seattle Times
This is my kitty Maisy. We adopted her from the Humane Society One Year Ago
This is Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon..See a resemblance??? LOL

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