Friday, August 27, 2010

WalMart= FREE Ball Park Hot Dogs

Well that didn't take long!!!! Ball Park hot dogs are currently on rollback for $2. Use the $2/1 coupon I posted about here to get them for free! I don't know about everyone else but I still have hotdogs coming out the wa-zoo from all of the memorial day deals! Also, I don't go into WalMart unless I ABSOLUTELY have to. They are pretty coupon incompetant there and there really is a "high cost of low price"

   Before I started couponing, WalMart was my go to store of choice. Since then I have learned that most things I thought were great deals at WalMart, I could get for free at my grocery stores. I ALWAYS have problems using coupons there. The last time I went was specifically to get Chef's Requested steaks for .98 cents with my $3/1 coupon and they didn't even carry them anymore! (Bummer) Other than the issues I have had personally with WalMart, I feel their business practices are completely unethical and I also don't feel right supporting a store that has been known to get just about all of their items from retailers that run sweat shops....I also feel that WalMart plays a big part in the detioration of small, local business. In summation, I will not be heading to WalMart for free hotdogs! lol

    However, I know there are those of you out there that love WalMart, and that's ookay with me. Go get your free hot dogs guys and gals! I hope I don'y drive any of you away with my stance on this... I don't mean to get all political but I feel pretty strongly about this. Thanks! Keep reading!

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