Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where the Heck I've Been

Friday was our big moving day! And nothing but disaster has followed. We went Friday afternoon to pick up our new keys and the leasing agent told us we would have to wait because there was no appliances in the apartment??? (HuH?) So we waited a couple hours and went into our new abode, where the maintenance crew left us a note saying they had more work to do and would be back monday. NOTHING was clean. There was sugar in the cabinets, the floor was so dirty it made our feet black, neither shower worked, the track lighting that was supposed to be white was black on the top. Etc. etc......

  So we returned to the Tempe apartment to sleep. The following day, the movers came. They told me they had to bubble wrap all of the furniture. Okay, no big deal. Then they have try to have me initial next to something stating that it costs 30 dollars!!!!! For saran wrap?? Are you KIDDING ME?????? I denied and again, they told me I have to have it. I initialed, and called the company asking if I HAD to have it. They said no. But the kind movers still wrapped all the furniture for "free". Which took about an extra hour. Which was about $40 more for them. Then they told me that if I wished to have our dresser moved I would need to go purchase a screw driver. Again, HUH? I have never, ever had a mover who didn't have their own tools. Anyways, 4 hours ,$318 later and a HUGE scratch on the desk (which I think was intentional) we had all our furniture in the new place. And the beautiful new furniture came.
  My sister and I are unpacking and I got to put something in outside storage and guess what... There is no outside storage. We were told ALL units had it, that's the only reason we moved here. The office was closed yesterday so I didn't get the chance to complain until this morning. Oh and did I tell you that i get no phone service here? Verizon told me they would kindly cancel my contract if i paid the $300 early termination fee, because it is not their fault that I moved to a location that has no service. I'm sorry, but what kind of phone company has no service in Phoenix? It's not like I moved to Bumblebee. And were practyically downtown!!! Sooooo tomorrow I get to call and yell at Verizon, and have a meeting with the leasing team to discuss how we will be reimbursed for this huge pain in the butt.

That is where I'm at right now. losing my mind, angry and sad!!!!! :(  Everything aside, I love our new place, and it might be a blessing in disguise everything wourked out the way it did because the office staff was talking about possibly deducting money from our rent for our trouble. Keep your fingers crossed! I soooo owish I could be shopping instead of worrying about this fiasco!!! You know, I haven't even seen a CVS since weve moved???? **GASP****

I hope everyone had a great weekendand I'll be back with deals very soon!!!!!


  1. Wow what a disaster! What a weekend to move too! It was sooo hot, even here in Tucson. We lived in Phoenix for 7 years (going to ASU + working a few) and it seemed like we ALWAYS moved in the summer! UGH!

    I hope it all works out for you!

  2. Thanks KC! Since we moved to az our moves have always been in August lol. what were we thinking???!!!!!!