Friday, August 6, 2010

Moving, the End of Summer and the Anticipation of Fall

  Coming up in the next week, Steven and I will be packing the
rest of our things and making the long haul from Tempe to
Phoenix. (lol) Moving is always very exciting to me. We'll
have a new apartment, new furniture, new spaces to lovingly decorate. The only concern I have
 at this moment is what we are going to do with our 
dining room set.It's very large and I am not sure if it is going
to fit in the new space we have for it!
 I'm thrilled at having a new space to decorate and make
completely our own.

 I have so many
ideas for the new place I just can't wait to put them in action!
I have been thinking lately that we should probably update
our kitchen accessories, since my mother gave me a new
dishware set for my birthday and I want everything to be
pretty and matching. :) Oh all the

Doesn't this look lovely?
 We are also getting excited because summer is coming to an end, and in Arizona, that's a good thing. There is
 something whimsical about
the fall, the cooler weather, the changing leaves,
the crisp air that nips you just
right.I can't wait for the weather to cool down
and enjoy refreshing night air on our new patio. I wish that
we were allowed to have  
fire pits or bowls at our apartment. I love gathering around
an outdoor fire with friends and chatting about life.
*Someday when we buy a house, a fire pit will be one of my
first purchases!*Fall is my favorite season, we can take shortrides up north to see  the foliage, fires in the fireplace, hot apple cider and delicious
comfort food. Also with
 fall, comes Halloween my favorite holiday. I love turning the
apartment into a

I've had my eye on these Cardinals ghosts for a while!

spooky wonderland.
With so much change happening at once, I am excited about
what is to come and all of the new opportunities we are going
to have to decorate and create our own, unique space.
Do you have any decorating tips? How do you decorate on a
budget? Do you have any ideas for Halloween crafts?

*Mandatory small print: this is a sponsored post that I will recieve compensatoin for


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