Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fry's HUGE Clearance +.50 Cent Uncle Ben's Rice

Annnnnddddd I never have a camera with me when I need it!!!! Anyways, made a Fry's run today and they had a huge selection of 75% off kitchen accessories, schol supplies + more. I scored a kitchen scale for only $3.54. I also got a salad spinner for around the same price.

In the rice aisle, next to Uncle Ben's, I found blinkies for $1/1 Uncle Ben's Whole Grain White rice variety and $1/1 Uncle Ben's Brown Rice variety. Select varieties are 2/$3 so only .50 cents each after coupon!


  1. Which location of Fry's for the kitchen scales?
    I live in Mesa and shop at the Recker & McKellips location....

  2. It is on Camelback betwee 7th and 11th ave. They have TONS of stuff right when you walk in. They have butter knife sets for .99, teapots, plates, meat thermomoters etc. TONS!