Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yet Another Reason I Stay Away From Walmart....Too funny

SO I was out running around with my sister today, helping her babu shower shop. We went to JCP and I noticed a Walmart a few doors down. I had $1/1 Johnson's Baby product coupon, so I told her to go in and we would grab some for only .97 cents.

We grab the baby wash, she's in the checkout line and I notice a massive rack of clearance merchandise. Not just any, but cute women's D-Backs shirts! I look at the tag and it says $17!!! What? On clearance? At Walmart?? So i check all of the shirts behind that one to see if they had the same red clearance tag on them. They did. They were all $17!!! So, curiosity peaked, and I peeled back the red tag to see what the ORIGINAL price was..... Get ready for it. Get ready..... Are ya ready??

$16 DOLLARS!!!! I take the shirt to a register to see what it rings up as. $17! I told the cashier that the original price was higher than the clearance price and he says "take it over to customer service and they'll price match it."

Wha Wha WhaTTTTT!!!!!!???? You will price match on your own merchandise because the clearance price is more than the original price?????

Hmmmm. I checked out the customer service line. It was a jillion people strong. I thought about standing in it and demanding a huge discount because that is so ridiculous. But I was with my sister. I didn't want to embarass her. Also, I didn't even really WANT the shirt. I was just in such disbelief I had to check!

I left my phone at home or I would have taken pics... I'm so mad about that. The ONE time I leave home without my phone!!!

Just who exactly does Walmart think their getting past here? I feel bad if someone bought one of these shirts without noticing the original price!

Anyways folks, isn't that just a great deal?? LOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOL

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