Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Just got home from Palm Springs. We had a GREAT time. Ate some good food (and bad), almost died of heat stroke while golfing, got some sunburns and really has a blast. Oh, we did some shopping too. Did you know there is a Prada outlet?? There is. No kidding. Everything was about half price. Needless to say I still couldn't afford to drop $600 on a dress! So i got a nice sundress from Armani Exchange for only $20. Now THAT is a good deal!

I arrived home to find my 9 pairs of sunglasses from Graveyard Mall had come. I LOVE THEM. Every single pair. Even the ones that I didn't think I'd like I liked after I put them on. That my friends is the deal of the century. About $15 for 9 pairs of sunglasses shipped to my door :) I highly recommend purchasing them the next time that deal comes around. I was going to give some as gifts but now I think I'm gonna be selfish. It would be too hard to decide which ones to part with!

So life will be back to normal shortly, I'll be posting more frequently, but look for some GREAT posts from Sheryl in just a little while!

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