Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fry's: More FREE Pasta!!!

I just got back from Fry's and the American Beauty Quick Cook penne is priced at $1. Almost every single box had a .50/1 peelie on it, making it free. Fry's only doubles 3 like coupons so don't get greedy! lol. I started to reach for my camera and my sister gave me kind of a weird look so I decided it best not too.... She was pretty crabby :) And it case you don't see any peelies, there is a .50/1 printable here!

On another note, they had Kroger brand scallops 1 lb for only $3.99!!! I almost jumped for joy! Steven and I went to Safeway a couple night ago and I realllly wanted to get scallops but they were 11.99 lb! Steven caved and said get whatever you want and then under his breath muttered something about $11 for something that's disgusting. lol. So I passed. Thankfully!

Cents'Able Shoppin!


  1. Awesome thanks! Didn't even look when I was there tonight. They do have Ronzoni Garden Delight for $1 at my store and you can print a $0.75 coupon on and get them for FREE

  2. Ya I saw those tonight too and was kicking myself for not having the q's!