Sunday, September 5, 2010

Moovin Onnn Upppp!!!

I was recently approached with the opportunity to do a  review for CSN stores. Being a new blogger, I was like HECK YA. SIGN ME UP!!!!!

The item I chose for review was the Black and Decker Belgain Waffle Maker ( I also ordered some waffle mix but it hasn't arrived yet.)

My experience with CSN stores has been a great one.While browsing their site, I noticed they also have a rewards program where you earn 3% back on your purchases and get special offers sent right to your inbox! Their website is easy to navigate and they have every i mean EVERYTHING you can imagine! It took me, and this is not even an exaggeration, 3 weeks to decide what to get. Then one morning, about a week ago, I got hit with the biggest waffle craving in the world.

So I ordered my waffle maker and mix, and the waffle maker shipped just 2 days later and was at my door in 4!!! (IDK where the mix is hiding!) Soooo excited was i to make belgian waffles, I went to Safeway and purchased (without a coupon *gasp) some waffle mix.

I have  a Hello Kitty waffle maker that I had tried to use a million times and it NEVER worked! My sister bought it for me for Christmas because I love Hello Kitty and i was so bummed I could never make cute kitty shaped waffles :( ButI i really feel like I'm wearing big girl pants with this new sleek stylin' belgian waffle maker!
She's so cute!

 IA woman's waffle maker :)

My sister makin' a mess :)

Our first attempt, they looked kinda weird but they were delish!!!

                                                              I so FULL!!! :)

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